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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Show Report

Report on the International Triumph Show at Stoneleigh, Feb 2006

Here is YOUR chance for a short moment of fame.

I don't have any photographs from this show. If you have one or more please, please send them to and they will appear here.

On show was Patrick Brotherton's Ten Van, Peter Lockley's Vanguard 1a Estate and a Companion. They caused a great deal of interest as most club stands were cars, and ours looked mainly like commercial/estate variants. The stand was well attended with helpers and many Club members called to see us. There was always several interested visitors on the stand so we were kept busy talking and explaining the vehicles. 

We joined up a new member who is planning to put a massive power plant into his Standard 8. More on that as we get a report from that member. 

It was a fairly successful day for regalia sales and also for an exhaust tail pipe and two orders for carpet sets. Also several rare model cars were sold, a 1903 Charbens Standard, a 1943 Utility 2x4 Kit, a Vanguard 1 Fire car and 3 Vanguard 111 series friction cars made in Hong Kong in the 1950s. Several spare parts were sold including brake shoes and a new set of con rods for the 10. 

A good catch of spares for the Club was made with king pins, fulcrums, brake cylinders, oil seals, camshafts, vertical links and brake shoes. Also a new Vanguard 1 roof headlining still in Stanpart wrapper.

The stand featured for the first time the new carpet tiles bought for indoor shows. 160 were used, also corner display boards on 3 corners of the stand gave it a more professional finish.

These items were purchases from Regalia profits in 2005.

To all intents and purposes it was a successful show for the Club and inspite of the rain for the whole day the attendance was high at the show. 

Report from your Regalia Officer, Ian Leggett.