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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Devon and Cornwall Report

Report on a Rally to Launceston Railway, Sptember 2006

Devon  and Cornwall Group members enjoy a day out with the Launceston Steam Railway

Hi Phil,

I know you don't normally hear much news from this end of the country, but we have at last got a successful event to report on! Can you include it on the SMC website, please?

On Sunday 10 September, The Devon and Cornwall Group organised a get-together at the Launceston Steam Railway in Cornwall.

All together six Standards attended:-

Four decades of Standards were represented. Most of us took two delightful rides in carriages hauled by a narrow gauge steam locomotive up the Cornish valley. Colin Fry was in his element as he rode on the footplate for one journey. He used to be a driver and fireman on this route when B.R. ran the line from Padstow to Waterloo. The Launceston Steam Railway was laid on the old B.R. trackbed. A trip that evoked many memories for Colin, I'm sure.

We consumed a lovely lunch at the cafe and wandered through the museum and the workshops, all driven by line shafting and belts. All agreed it was a lovely day, fine sunshine, and good company. We have decided to mount a similar event at a different location for a similar time next year.

It you are interested in joining a friendly group of Standard owners in the west  country for similar events, contact Chris Bowden 01392-664952 or me Brian Murrish 01872-560477. (e-mail:-  )

Brian Murrish

Hi Brian,

Everything you Cornish people write can be published, so now you know how its done! - Thanks for this report  and the members  look forward to more - from any of you.

A report of an event you attended could appear here. Send the information and photographs to the webmaster