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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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A visit to  Marlborough School

R. W. Maudslay at School......

The swimming team of 1886 with Reginald Maudsley on the left

Reginald "Dick" Maudsley was born in 1871 and attended Marlborough School in the 1880's. Members of the Standard Register made a visit (pilgrimage?) to Marlborough in August to find evidence of his time there.

We were greeted by the school's Archivist who proudly showed us Cotton House, which Maudslay was in, the Chapel and various other school buildings that were built before his time and he would remember today. Marlborough was, and still is a fee-paying school that was primarily set up for Clergymen's sons, though others were allowed to attend, though their fees were more. It was thought that Maudslay was not too academically inclined, but he excelled at sports, particularly Gymnastics and swimming.

The House dining room is much as it was in Maudslay's time and  there is a plaque on the wall with the names of all the pupils by the year they attended. Maudslay's name can be seen in the class of 1886 and is also mentioned in the Gymnastics team for that year:

The wall plaque for 1886 contains the name RW Maudslay about two-thirds of the way down in the "Upper School" list and he is also in the "Gymnasium" box, third down on the right hand side

The School archive was also able to show us two further photographs of Maudslay, the first being this class of 1886:

 Maudslay is top but one row on the extreme left

Finally, he also appears in the class of 1887:

Maudslay is on the third row here, the left of two boys in the centre. He would be about 16 years old.

Reginald went on to found the Standard Motor Company in Much Park Street, Coventry in 1903. He was Managing Director until his death in 1934. Thus all of the cars on the Standard Register Rally were built when when he presided over the company.

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