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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Standard International Rally Report

Report on Sunday's events at the 47th Standard International Rally

General shot of the Rally Field on Sunday morning

After Saturday's hot and Sunny events, there was the forecast downpour over the Saturday night. Fortunately, the weather cleared as we returned to the site from our hotel  and continued to brighten up throughout the Sunday, although it was rather windy. Cars were arriving from all quarters as Lynda and I parked up the 12 and leathered off the rainwater.

The rally field was just next to the Tank Museum, which is a fantastic display. All rally entrants were able to enter the Museum as part of their rally entry fee, entrants also being presented with a brass rally plaque and a programme containing details of all the cars entered.

Here are shots of some of the cars that turned up. Click on any of these thumbprints to see a larger version

Brian Parkes polishes his Postwar 14

Line-up of Vintage Standards

The Master Class assembles

Good looking Selby arrives

Early Vanguards

Bright Red 10

Penny the Pennant

Standard Ensign

Standard Ensign

Postwar  8 Saloon

Avon 9, the second of three survivors

Two Standard 10 Vans in the same place

Whilst all Standards are welcomed, regardless of their condition or roadworthiness there is also a concours, where all entrants in a particular class are asked to pick the three best cars in their own class, ignoring their own. By that method we come to the publics choice of the best three cars in each class.

Lineup of 10's

More Flying Standards

The "Gold" Standard

Flying Heavy 12

Two Flying 10's

 1935 10


Australian bodied V4

Another Rally view

Prewar Flying 14 Touring Saloon

David Groom's Van had been off the road for 20 years

You can see details of the prizewinners here

A report of an event you attended could appear here. Send the information and photographs to the webmaster