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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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On their way to  Bovington

Werner and Heidi come to the International Rally from Switzerland!

Those of you faced with say a "mere" 100 miles or so to the International Rally should read this:

Dear Phil

In a  few days, the International Standard Rally takes place. It is a long way from Switzerland as you will see from the following itinerary, but if the weather is good it will be a good three days drive to Bovington and of course the same way back afterwards:


Volketswil – Zurich – Baden – Brugg – Basle – Colmar – Col du Bonhomme – Ste. Dié – Lunéville – Nancy – Saint-Dizier – Chalons en Champagne – Epernay, for the first overnight stop.                                                                                            Total    507km   


Epernay – Reims – St. Quentin – Béthune – Calais – Ferry – Dover, next overnight stop.                                                                    Total 312 km


Dover – Folkestone – Hastings – Brighton – Portsmouth – Southampton – Bournemouth – Poole - Wareham - Bovington.                                            Total   349 km

                                                                          Grand Total 1168 km

                                                                                     Or        730 miles

(Lets add 40 miles for the Roadrun, then another 730 miles home, that makes a grand return trip total of 1500 miles - Webmaster)

Heidi and myself are looking forward to this enjoyable ride.

                                                                                     Werner Maurer, Volketswil (Switzerland)


In case you think there is a trailer being used for this epic journey, I can assure you that every mile will be travelled in a 1947 Standard 8 Drophead Coupe, two up with luggage and spare parts. I am sure that you will welcome them when they arrive!

Please take the trouble to wish them well here and hope that they win the distance award! 

You could still come to the Standard International Rally in Dorset - how can you say it's too far! Follow Werner's example and just make the effort!