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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Malvern Show Report 


There was an excellent turnout of cars at this year's Malvern show, even though several of the promised entries didn't turn up, including the Webmaster in my 1937 Flying 12 DHC. My excuse was that the MoT has expired and I havn't had the time to renew it. Too busy writing these webpages, you guess, well that isn't the case, ( I do have a life, honest!) its just that  I can only arrange an MoT on a Saturday morning, and I can't get an appointment!

Despite this, Peter Lockley, the Club stand organiser managed to attract 19 cars on the Saturday, when I was unable to attend, and 17 cars on the Sunday when I managed to get there is modern tin, and when these photographs were taken.

I was so pleased with the photo of the sticker in the back window of Steve Smeltzers 1935 Standard 12, that I have reproduced it large size above. The answer to the question posed is of course "no", unless you have a Standard of similar vintage, of course. Steve's is a fine example of a 70 year old car still giving regular service. So reliable, in fact that Steve has now sold it on to a new owner from the Bristol area who intends to use it as a regular wedding car.  I do hope the new owners are inclined to join the club and in order to encourage them, I thought that I would feature their car in its own article shortly. Steve in the meantime is going to rally his 1927 Australian bodied V4 to future events.

Apart from that there was a diverse turnout of Standards that you can see in the photograph. The weather improved during the day though was generally chilly and that kept the crowds away. The autojumble featured rather more parts for cars of our age than the recent Beaulieu Autojumble, but I was still able to find nothing for Standards, except a few small hand tools that I was looking for. Prewar spares really are becoming difficult now so I advise anyone with a car to buy the spares when they can, not when they need them.

Some of the Standards at the show are featured below. You can click on any of the thumbnails to see a larger version:

John Russells Pennant to the fore of this shot

The 1935 12 which will be featured elsewhere on the site

The customised Standard 10 to the fore is "Work in Progress"

John and Rachael Maxwell's Flying 9 to the fore

A non-member 10 recently sold to a dealer

This Standard Selby will be featured elsewhere on the site

Report and photographs by the Webmaster