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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Coventry  Show Report

The Coventry Festival Of Motoring 25th Anniversary

Line up of Standards in Memorial Park. 

Saturday morning saw a gathering of vehicles shepherded into Millennium Place outside the Coventry Motor Museum, on exhibition for the day to the public. Amongst them were the 1938 Flying Standard 12 of Dennis Brown and the 1937 Flying 12 of John Maxwell representing our club. 

The cars assembled in Millenium Place

There was a ride around Coventry in a magnificent old Daimler double deck bus, belonging to the museum, to visit the old sites of various bicycle, motorbike, and car manufacturers. Also an excellent commentary on the potted history of Coventry’s achievements in the motor industry over many years was presented by Staff from the museum as we toured around. 

I recognise that Bus Driver, it's Dennis Brown!

On Sunday morning, The Mayor of Coventry flagged away the cars from millennium Place on a 50 mile roadrun around the City. We were joined by other cars and motorcycles, starting from The War Memorial Park, totalling about 400 plus. Everyone ended the roadrun back at Memorial Park for a static display for the people of Coventry. The finale was a Douglas Dakota (aeroplane) flying over and dropping poppies, which actually missed, but hey who’s perfect? Our club had a stand complete with banners, and nine cars on display. It was a great two days of nostalgia and we were very well looked after by the Organisers, and the Staff of the museum. Thank you to all who helped to make it such a lovely weekend, including our Chairman,  Peter Lockley. 

Report and photographs by John Maxwell

I think I should add the names of the Club Stand organiser, Dennis Brown, and Robert Browett, on the Coventry organising team, in the tanks for organising for this successful event.


Another view of the Standard line-up in Memorial Park

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