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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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First visit to the Churchill Classic Car Show 2004 

400 car display at the Churchill Classic Car Show

On the cricket pitch, next to the church!

Churchill is a most attractive village on the Oxfordshire/Gloucestershire border, quite near Chipping Norton but miles from the hustle of modern life. Every other year the 'Churchill Events Committee', a group of voluntary villagers, organise a show in the centre of this very English village. I must say that their cricket team are very tolerant to allow 400 cars to park on their pitch, right outside the church. Obviously the team were playing away so they couldn't see what damage was being done. Rarely though have the cars been parked on such a well tended piece of grass!

An excellent jazz band and singer kept the crowds amused as did the 4 real ales in the beer tent (until they were drunk dry!) And when did you last see ice-cream cornets for just 50p at a show like this? The beautiful "wool" church was generously decorated with flowers and a magnet for visitors.

Some of the Standards that turned up on this beautifully hot and sunny Sunday are captured on this page, as usual you can click on any of them to see a larger version.


Here are three shots of Dennis Brown's newly  restored Flying 12 Click here to see the restoration  photographs of this car . 

This rare Standard 10 pickup will be a feature of a separate feature article on this website shortly

Swallow Doretti Mk II

 Swallow Doretti Mk I 

I think you can make out the longer tail on this very rare Swallow Doretti MkII, in red, which gives it a 2 plus 2  configuration and also a larger boot, compared to the Chairman's white MkI shown next to it. There are differences too in the number plate lighting and fuel filler arrangement. Both cars,of course, use Standard Triumph mechanicals so qualify for entry on our website.

Peter Lockley - how about authoring a feature on your car for these pages please?

Our congratulations to chairman David Chambers and the organising committee, for a splendid show. Sadly, there won't be another show at Churchill until  the summer of 2006. Next year it will be held in the village of Chipping Campden, deep in the Cotswolds. My recommendation will be to keep a look out in the events listing next year and to put this event in your calendar! 

Pictures and story by  Phil Homer

A report on the event that you attended with your Standard car could appear here.