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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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First visit to Northampton and Lamport Steam Railway 2004 

10 Car Display at Pitsford and Brampton Station

John Maxwell organised a club stand at Pitsford and Brampton station on the Northampton and Lamport Railway on Sunday June 6th. This is one of the smaller preserved railways - more Vauxhall Conference than Premier Division - but the SMC provided 10 cars for its second Classic Car Day. The emphasis was firmly on the fifties 8s and 10s, with 8 of them, including 2 Pennants and a Pennant Companion. Alan and May Withey brought their 1955 8, Phil Hetherington his 1955 Ten - never fitted with a heater and very rare - Austin Tuckey his basic 8, Malcolm Graham his 1956 Super Ten, John Russell and Ray Ferris their Pennants, and the Companion was the well travelled example of Pete Foster. In addition John Maxwell brought his Flying Nine, while my 1935 Nine travelled almost 50 miles and was the oldest Standard there.


We all had a ride on the train, hauled by a little saddle tank that was built for shunting in Croydon Gasworks. The line is half a mile long, but you go up and down twice, passing non stop through the station first in one direction, then the other. It was a pleasant way to spend a lovely June Sunday.



Pictures and story by Steve O'Hara

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