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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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National Restoration Show, 2004 

Club wins another prize at the National Restoration Show, NAC, March  2004

Peter Lockley receives our cheque for £150 from show organiser Neil Bateman

This is a show where clubs are encourged to actively restore their cars on the Club stands. We tipped Brian Birch's 1957 8 Gold Star on its side, cleaned and painted it and prepared some copper brakepipes. 

Our correspondent, Ian Leggett, emails me a with the following on-the-spot report:

"With rust dust flying high it was good that some had brought dust masks to wear. Brushing away at the underside of the 8 soon showed that it was quite solid really and during the morning a coat of Hammerite red oxide was put on the floor panel underside. After lunch it was decided to lower the car off the home made roll over frame and turn the whole car over to see the other side. With 6 manpower pushing and shoving soon the car was turned and the frame re fitted to roll over again. The underside was then finished. The biggest crowd of spectators was when the car was undergoing this operation, and several asked where they could get a roll over frame from. I think Brian Birch could have several orders. At prize giving time there was some resistance from the workers who thought they would win nothing but Peter, Steve and Ian did go over and were really pleased to have achieved a second."  

Ian Leggett.

And we won the £150 prize for our efforts!

(left to right) John Maxwell, Austin Tuckey, Brian Birch and Malcolm Graham take a breather to pose for the camera.

Above: Austin Tuckey and Brian Birch work on the rusty but very sound underside of the 8. In the background is Peter Lockley's similar car - the 'one we did earliAer'.

All photos by Steve O'Hara. You can click on all of them to see larger versions

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