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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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2003 Register Rally 

Glorious Weather for the Register Rally, 2003

Rare sight indeed, 4 Model S Rhyls in the same photograph

A fine selection of vintage Standards turned out for this rally, comprising a day and a half's tour of the Vale of Belvoir, in Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire. Based at the Haven Hotel, near the village of Whatton, which was also the venue for the Friday and Saturday evening dinners, the owners of nearly 20 Standards and guests with their cars enjoyed the continuing August heatwave.

The Saturday roadrun started from the hotel and followed deserted country roads for about 25 miles. The first hill  was a steep 1 in 4 affair (strange, I thought that these counties were supposed to be flat!) which caused a coule of the oldest cars a bit of a problem. Len Barr successfully negotiated it in his (lower) reverse gear, but the Downing brothers ubfortunately has to give up at that point. The remainder made it  to the lunch stop at the Royal Oak at Whatton. 

The rally is described by these thumbnail pictures, but if you click on any of them a larger version will be shown:

Nice shot of a Model S Engine bay

Your secretary, Lynda with the SLS

The Condors, John and Kate, with another SLS

The Gilford's Stratford bodied SLO4

David Groom, committee member and son Harry, with their SLO, were the locals and had organised the roadrun route.

The Weatherhead's Rhyl from Milton Keynes

Suitably refreshed, the second part of the run was to the town of Southwell. Here there was a selection of sights to view, including the fine Minster and a National Trust workhouse. Lynda and I chose to move on a couple of miles to the village of Upton where there is a Horological museum at  Upton Hall. This is the interesting collection of timepieces run by the British Horological society, everything from candle clocks to the Speaking Clock!

From there we decided to follow David Groom home to the hotel. Unfortunately, the SLS, which had been behaving well all weekend decided to shed its speedo drive at this point. This is a pulley driven by a short belt off the propshaft. Ours suddenly decided to disappear at great speed, (well 20mph at least) in the opposite direction. This was on a main road, but we did eventually find it lying in the grass verge. OK, so we will manage without a speedometer for the rest of the weekend!

Sunday, and an even warmer day. Nothing too strenuous to tax the cars, all that is scheduled is a short run to Belvoir castle itself. The cars all form a display on the North Terrace while the participants are treated to coffee and pastries. The owner, the Duke of Rutland is so delighted with the turnout that he invites everyone on a tour of his home. Its then just a short drive back to the hotel and goodbyes. A splendid weekend using the old cars for what they were intended. Our thanks go to Len Barr and David Groom for the weekends organisation.

Teignmouth arrives at the Royal Oak

Another Standard Club committee members car, this time Dennis Brown

The Watsons arrive at the lunch stop in their Model G

Another nice under-bonnet shot, this time  of the Model G

Charlecote with Club committee member Paul Newsome at the wheel

Co-organiser, Len Barr and his navigator  in the Rhyl. The Navigator was Graeme Shimwell, great-grandson of Reginald Maudslay, founder of the Company

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