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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Spring Resttoration Show Report

Spring Restoration Show  2002- REPORT

We Wuz Robbed!

This year the Batemans, organisers of the popular Restoration Show in October at the National Agricultural Centre at Stoneleigh in Warwickshire, introduced a new show, the Spring Restoration Show, at the same venue in April. The Standard Motor Club has for many years put on a show for the October event and we looked forward to doing the same thing for the new Spring event.

Richard Pearce, of Worcester, is a veteran of Stoneleigh shows. His long-term restoration of his 1933 Little Nine saloon has provided us with a subject for our restoration efforts for a number of years. This time we were more ambitious. Richard brought the completely stripped down chassis, newly painted, and two wheeled racks of parts, and we set ourselves the task of assembling a running chassis by the time the show closed. Luckily Richard could make use of a large van with a rear lift, so we able to unload the parts fairly easily in the Stoneleigh hall.

Also on the stand was my 1935 Little Nine, to give people some idea of the finished product, although we all know that the Little Nine is quite different in many ways to the 1936 model, its a direct descendant.

Above: At the end of the show, tthe completed rolling chassis, now fitted with axles, engine and gearbox, etc is loaded into Richard Pearce's van. Left to right  are Alan Withey, Richard Pearce, Malcolm Graham and Oeter Lockley

Above: The Club's stand at the Restoration Show. In the background is Steve's 1935 Nine, so that we can say "here is one we completed earlier"

Left:Richard Pearce comtemplates the assembly of a Little 9 from the parts that he has brought

We worked throughout the day and eventually had fitted springs, axles, wheels, engine and gearbox. The club stand was carefully arranged to attract visitors and to encourage them to chat about the cars. I did several posters, including one that said ‘Restoration in progress – don’t keep clear’. But we were all very disappointed when our efforts won no prizes. The winning stand was one that involved some simple work on a door panel, and that had chains keeping the public well away. Another prizewinner had done no restoration at all, that we could see. We were puzzled as to the reasons for these decisions. We all had ample recompense for our efforts in the appreciation and interest of visitors to the show, but came away feeling cheated. We’ll be back in October, though!

Report and Pictures by Steve O'Hara