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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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What is it?

Can you identify what this is? - UPDATED!

The car is in Argentina and the price in Spain port of Alicante is 9.000 Euros.

But I thing that is a Standard converted in open car.



The Script badges on the bonnet sides appear to say "Vanguard" and the pressed steel wheels appear to be Flying 8, as do the overall dimensions. The dashboard in the centre of another piece of wood, is from a Standard, 1945 -47, but  mounted upside down. Unfortunately there are no photos of the chassis or engine that might have given more clues to the origins of this "Standard".

If anyone out there knows anymore about this car, please register on our messageboard and tell us more about it, or email me directly Webmaster

I will update this page with any new information that I get

UPDATE -20th November 2010

Michael Rodgers, a Triumph 10 owner,  has emailed me from the Central Coast of California. He thinks the car is a Singer, possibly a 9. He owns Singers, though he can see some similarities and some differences.

Many thanks Michael.

It looks a lot cruder that a Singer - I think the panels may be fibre glass. The Screen is much simpler and more vertical. I think that its a Kit car and the designer was looking at a Singer Sports however.

Thanks for your interest, you are the first person to respond since I published the photos in 2005.

Hope the Triumph 10 is running well. please send some photos.

Kind regards,


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