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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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National Rally Report

National Rally 2001 - Friday and Saturday's Events

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We set off after work from St.Albans, and travelled via the A5, Watling Street. Being a Roman town we make good use of the roads that our ancestors left us, as they are not too fast and better for "our" sort of car than the Motorways. Ideal in fact for our 1934 10 and the 1956 10 which travelled in convoy. By chance, the garage we stopped at had 4 star petrol available and the proprietor was rubbing his hands with glee as he asked if we wanted to fill both cars with it. At 99.9p per litre we declined, how do they think they can justify that price?

Lots of people had started to arrive in the Rally area on Friday afternoon, but Lynda and I didn't get there until 8.30pm. We found nearly 30 people seated for dinner in the Appleby Arms Hotel and were able to squeeze our order in with theirs at the last minute. We weren't staying in the hotel, but at a farm B&B, just 1/2 mile up the road.

Some of the cars awaiting the start of the Roadrun


Saturday morning was delayed a little by the '34 10 being a little reluctant to start, but it did eventually, so we set off in a convoy of 4 cars to the rally site. This was already humming with activity and by 11am over 50 cars had arrived to start the roadrun. The first part of this was through busy Ashby-de-la-Zouch, where we got separated, so we paused in a long line just beyond the town to ensure the convoy was back together. The first stop was a Nature Reserve, where we just managed to get all the cars in the carpark. From there, there was a rather shorter run to Snibston Discovery Park, which we found to be an activity centre based on the defunct mining industry of the area. Everyone agreed this was a splendidly well done centre with lots to do and very educational for the kids (and adults). Several people also bought archive Standard material which we set up in a side roon for everyone to view , including archive video footage from previous National Rallies. Several other Standards had now joined us, making 57 in all, we think a record for the Saturday roadrun. Return to Moira was an unstructured event but once there, there was time to inspect the cars, swap stories or just take tea and cakes outside the Clubhouse in glorious sunshine.

By 6.30pm the fish and chips arrived in the back of Ian Law's Vanguard Estate and no less than 76 of us sat down to the meal. The rest of the evening was wound away in the club bar, whilst the more adventurous chanced the dance floor. Must not be too late to bed, it will be a big day tomorrow!.

More cars at the start

The line of cars sets off on  the Roadrun

At the Nature Centre stop

Standards parked at Snibston Discovery Centre