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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Standard Big 12 in Western Australia

Unique body on a 1933 Standard Big 12

This is probably a coachbuilt car, but it is included in the post-vintage section until we determine who the coachbuilder was.

I live near Perth, West Australia. I'm helping a friend restore his 1933 Standard Big 12 Roadster. We have not been able to find a picture of an existing one and we believe that this may be a chassis, imported from GB with an Aussie roadster body on it. Mechanically it's not bad and we have nearly completed the chassis. 

The bodywork is quite rusty and there will be quite a bit of woodwork for us too.

John Maxwell told us some time ago that you may have a number of the parts that we need to restore the car. We understand that we have to join the club to get access to its spare parts program. We don't mind that at all if that is a way to obtain the parts we need. I have supplied a list.  Can you please let me know if any of these spares are available and the approximate cost?

I attach a few photos of the roadster. Unfortunately we do not have the hood frame and boot lid. It would be nice to find out what it actually looked like. Maybe you can help? You may have some pictures of a similar aged roadster. There aren't too many pictures in the web-site for those years, unfortunately.


Thank you and regards

Arthur Rosenwald

Mt Helena,  West Australia

The Big 12 was built with its own chassis and small 6 cylinder engine of just 1497cc. It was essentially a six cylinder version of the Little 9 rather than the Big 9, though many components are shared.

The club is able to supply a number of the parts that the owner needs to restore this car, despite the fact it is 75 years old and the Big 12 was only produced for just one year. The body does appear to be different to anything that was produced by the factory, so is probably coachbuilt locally. I am not aware of any surviving Big 12 Roadsters in the UK ( write and tell me I am wrong ) so I am forced to include this brochure shot of a Big 9 two-seater Roadster of the same period:

Phil Homer

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