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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Indian Standard  9 Feature

1934 Standard 9 in India

From our correspondent in India:

Hi Phil


I was rummaging through some old photos I had come across last year of "The Statesman Vintage Car rally" in Delhi, and noticed this early Standard. The plate on it says 1932 Standard Coventry, that's about all I can tell you about it! I cant seem to remember where i got the pic from.





PS I'm attending a large vintage car event in Bombay on the 4th...hope to spot a couple of Standards there...

Hi Karl, 

For the information of all our readers, this is becoming a Masterclass on how to identify Standard 9's. So pay attention! The preceding article, which appears below ( as is my normal practice ) describes why that car is a Little 9, which was built until 1933. This car, on the other hand, is the model that both followed it and replaced it for the 1934 model year, and that was called simply a 9Hp. The external differences that you can spot are that the front "suicide" doors are now hinged on the B pillar while the bottom corners of the windscreen are rounded.  In fact the car is longer than the Little 9 though the wheelbase is slightly shorter. Engine capacity is now up from 1009cc to 1056cc. The car is therefore late 1933 or more likely 1934. Sorry the owner is confused!

If you know of other Standards in India or elsewhere in continental Europe, please send me an email.


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