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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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French 1935 Standard 9 Feature

1935 Standard 9 in France

Werner Maurer, our Continental European representative, ends us  information and  photos of this French Standard 9 rwo-door:

Translation by Werner from French into English

1935 Standard nine 1935 comm. No. 228847 A9

I am in possession of this car since June 2002. It belonged to a French general who lived in India.

He returned to France with all his personal belongings and therefore his car was brought back to France in a container.

Unloaded in Le Havre the owner did not take over his car. So it remained in a hangar of the Le Havre Port Authorities for about twenty years. Mr. Jouanguy, a car expert, has then taken it over and kept in his friends garage for at least another fifteen years, for restoration by his friend.

Finally, through Raymond, the mechanic of this garage, uncle of my son in law, I got knowledge of the existence of this car. Surprisingly the car started in the first attempt.

Therefore I decided to buy it which made me the proud owner of a unique car in France, probably the only one of this type in France.

The car is in good condition and no welding necessary. It is now completely taken apart for being resprayed, so that it will be in the end a beautiful car.

I would also like to become a member of the English club.

Attached you will find a number of pictures of the car.


Daniel Lemaître, 

Rolleville, France

If you know of other Standards in France or elsewhere in continental Europe, please send an email to werner maurer

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