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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Standard Little 12 Archive

Standard Little 12 on Jersey

Photo of a rare Standard Little 12

Hi Phil,


I have recently bought a scanner so at last I am able to send you a copy of a period photo lent to me for copying some years ago by a friend at home in Jersey.


In the past the States of Jersey Motor Taxation department used to publish an annual booklet for sale to the general public with all details of vehicles registered in Jersey along with the keepers name and address, this of course would not be allowed today under the Data Protection Act.


The booklet of registered motor vehicles of 1934 gives the keepers name of this Standard as Miss Marjorie De Gruchy of 2 St Kilda Villas, Bagot Road, St.Saviour, Jersey. I can only assume that this is Miss De Gruchy in the photo. The car is believed to be a 1932/3 Standard Little Twelve. 


Kind regards


Steve Gallichan




Member 2041

Hi Steve,

I think you are right Steve - Judging by the length of the bonnet this is the six-cylinder Little 12. Following the industry fashion of the early 1930's, Standard too wanted a small six-cylinder car in their range. It only lasted for the 1932-233 season. It hardly seems worthwhile to build another engine and to re-engineer the Little 9 chassis so that it would fit, but that's what they did. The cabin is stock Little 9. It was replaced by the bigger 4 cylinder 10's and 12's in 1934.

So, it was a rare car in 1933 and consequently much rarer in 2009. Has anyone even seen one, or own one today?

Phil Homer