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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Archive Photos of a 1924 SLO4 Warwick

Delightful photo of the SLO4 out on a picnic. Two of the family prefer to eat inside the car!

These photos have been sent to me by Adrian Norman who asked what the car is, the year, specification and where the car was made.

I was able to tell him the Car is from 1924 and registered sometime after April, according to the registration number. It is a Standard Model SLO4 with a Warwick body. The car was made, like all Standards post 1918 at the Canley works, Coventry.

You will note that the car is also fitted with "balloon" tyres. Len Barr tells me that these were an option when new. However, you might also spot on one of the photos that the front tyres are fitted with the "Chevrons" facing in opposite directions. This is clearly not right, so the car should have been returned to the tyre fitter. Its clearly too late now!

If you think you know which way the chevrons should be facing, I will be pleased to hear your opinion. Please write to webmaster

Adrian writes back:

Thanks for your prompt, helpful and enthusiastic response which I am sharing with my older brother, Peter, custodian of the family album from which the four photos were scanned by my wife Kate, and Sandra Bailey, who is researching the life of Alfred Reynolds Norman, the owner of the car, who founded a Masonic Lodge 99 years ago.

The supporting cast around the heroine TP 207 comprises Alfred, aged 70, his wife Fanny, a few years younger, and perhaps his oldest daughter, Frances, 45, and Henry Thackwray, her husband. The last two would have been visiting Chatham from their home in South Africa . We may find the ( Union Castle ?) passenger lists for the appropriate dates which have recently been put on-line by the National Archives.

Adrian Norman

Phil Homer

(April 2010)