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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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5th oldest surviving Standard restored in Australia

The splendid completed Model J Tourer

Syd Norman has forwarded me this information about his Model J Tourer. I believe it to be the 5th oldest surviving Standard, dating from 1910 or 1911. Syd has made a splendid job of restoring this car over the last 5 years.

He writes about it in his own words:

"Please find attached a few shots of my car.

I started the restoration of "Edward" in 2007. Coincidentally, he is commission no. 2007.

By March 2012 my lovely wife Janet had contracted a very aggressive form of cancer and asked to be able to participate in the Australian National Veteran Rally in September at Ipswich riding in Edward as the only thing on her "bucket list". At this time the car was a bare chassis with some of the mechanicals restored.  Janet had her only ride in the car 2 weeks before the Rally but sadly was admitted to hospital the day befrore the Rally started  and passed away 3 days after the Rally finished.

The members of the Veteran Car Club here took the Rally to Janet with a run past the hospital and she was so thrilled to see 100 veteran cars paraded just for her. The Club members also provided a guard of honour with their cars at Janet's funeral and I must gratefully acknowledge their wonderful support to both of us.

So, whilst Edward still has a few teething problems he will only get better and will participate in many runs and Rallies here in the years to come.

The vehicle was recovered from a farm dump in 1965 after suffering a "catastrophic' mechanical failure in the late 1930s (the worm drive diff blew up) and was passed through several owners before I bought it in 2007 as a pile of parts. The chassis alone took over 200 hours to restore and the finished vehicle over 1500 hours.

 Regards  Syd Norman"


Proud owner of Edward the 1910 Standard model J 12hp fitted with an Australian colonial Friswell body and first owned by the Rev. Wheeler of Mooloolaba, Queensland.


p.s. I am still looking for the worm drive for the rear axle

The unrestored Standard

The restored 4 cylinder  engine, rated at 12hp

The chassis awaits restoration

building the new body

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