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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Rusting in Peace in Canada

What's in the box?

Underneath there's a Standard 8 Tourer!

Dear Phil,

On the internet I found your email address on the "Standard" web site

I was hoping you could help us identify this car. My brother has an automotive shop here in Victoria BC and as well as helping folks get their cars back on the road he has saved a few himself from the wreckers.

This car he found through a customer of his. The property on which this car had been stored was recently put on the real estate market and the car had to be moved. The car was originally bought by the owner in the 50's and was parked on their property in the 60's. Fortunately the car had a cover of plywood and plastic which has saved it from being out in the elements for all those years.

I was part of the group of fellows that went and dragged the car out of the underbrush and was able to take a few pictures.

What I would like to do is make up a web page for my brother "Mike" taking the car from as found to a runner..

Everything is complete...the ignition key is still in the switch! It looks like it was dark green with a red would have looked rather sporty!

I found your site and wondered if I could use a couple of your site photos for our web page? I would give a photocredit for any that you would let us use.

For the second question what have we found? All the parts not on the car were safely stored in a close by barn and looks like we have everything needed to complete the car. It has a fixed front window with a crank out lower portion, the side windows are detachable. It has lovely complete front grill and the fenders only slight surface rust.

Any help you can give us would be very appreciated.


Tony Owen

Victoria British Columbia Canada.

Hi Tony,


What you have is a 1945-48 Standard 8 Tourer, the model is correctly called a 4/8A Tourer. If you give me the commission number from the plate under the bonnet (hood) on the bulkhead ( firewall) I will tell you more acurately when it was built.

If restored it would look like this:

You will find several others on the site.


Curiously, though some panels are dark green, the others are in red primer, as if someone has started at some time to restore the car.


Please use our  photos freely on your site with acknowledgement of their source and a put a link to Please give me the address of your site and I will link to it. You will also find the photos you sent appear on our site shortly, if you don't mind.


Best of luck with the restoration, you will have a rare and desireable little car. I will try to help if there is anything futher that you need.


Kind regards,

Phil Homer

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the reply, yes please use any of our pictures. I think the car will be a fun project. I will get more info from the builders plate as you mentioned. You are right about there was a little restoration seems to be just a coat of primer on the front fenders and doors...the hardware being taken off and stored in a dry place...the chrome looks good. One of the neat things about this little car is that it looks to be a four-seater. The fellows son told us about how the brakes where never the do you find the brakes on your restored examples?

Sincerely Tony

Hi Tony,


If you are rebuilding the car the following workshop manual will be invaluable to you:


The brakes do have a bit of a reputation but can be fixed if the instructions in this booklet are followed slavishly


Both are available from the regalia officer. You can perhaps order them in the same transaction as joining the club. Here is a membership form.


Hope this helps,



Phil Homer

Hi Phil,

Here is some more info that has found the light of day on the Standard.

...the numbers are car# 4BA comm. no. NA 28570 LT4...other plates 402569 H4913

I hope that helps...the original owner is still alive and lives in Florida. His son is sending him the transfer papers so that everything will be legal and above board to get the car back on the road. I am hoping the old fellow can give us some info about the time he had it on the road...maybe some old pictures would be a great find...we will see what comes up. Of course the old gent does not have a computer. I am hoping brother Mike or his son will prod him a little for some info.

I forwarded the your email onto my brother Mike regarding the shop manuals and club subscription...that should be fun to see!

Thanks again for all your help and time.

Regards Tony

That's no problem

I think you will find tht the plate says "4 8A", not B.


28570 means it was built approx mid -1947


The other numbers are body numbers, I'm afraid I don't understand what they mean. To my knowledge no one has studied what they mean. The bodies were pressed by Fisher and Ludlow and supplied as bare shells to Standard.




I am aware that there are other cars and information that could be added to this site to make it more comprehensive, so if you have material and photographs, please let me know.  Please send me, Phil Homer, a message at: Phil Homer