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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Standards at work in India

A selection of 50s Standards

Tamil Nadu's Standard Pennant (badged as a 10 in India))

Hi Phil,

Its about time I corresponded with you again, 'just saw an article in your site by my friend & fellow standard enthusiast Karl Bhote and that got some positive jealousy out of me so thought of contributing some recent pics. of Indian standards (mostly on-road) taken by myself as well as other enthusiasts.

MDT 47?? (above) is a very immaculate Pennant owned by a former standard dealer in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Photo sent to me by Mr. Sivakumar, another keen enthusiast from there.

This black Super 10, CA? 4??0, above, entrant number 43 was photographed by another friend at a vintage/classic show in Bangalore in 2007. I have no other details of this car.

The white & blue Pennant was photographed by another enthusiast Jayadev from Kerala. The car belongs to his friend and again seems complete barring the missing vertical grille slats.

Shyam Krishnamachary

Hi Shyam,

Thanks for these interesting cars, it is good that people are caring for them. They should act as good examples to the owners of the other cars you sent to me, which  I am afraid I will have to feature in the "Rust In Peace" section until their owners decide to take more care of them!

I look forward to pictures of your own Pennant restoration.

Kind regards,