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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Indian Standard Pennant

A Pennant in Hyderbad

Shyam Krishnamachary writes with news, pictures and a video of his recent acquisition:

Hello Phil,

Re-introducing myself first, I'm Shyam from Hyderabad, Southern India, and used to be in touch with you occasionally regarding Standards in the sub-continent, my friend and fellow Standard enthusiast Karl Bhote from Pune eventually taking over as your full-fledged Indian correspondent.

However, I'm now pleased to revert with some really exciting news that I wish to share through your website - I have just become the proud owner of a 1960 Standard Pennant (or '10' as it was badged in India) that I successfully rescued from being scrapped at the local breakers last week! (Photos attached)

I had first spotted this car lined up in queue with the cars that were to be broken at a local 'unofficial' scrapyard that I semi-regularly frequent with my mechanic for buying spares for my other classics. And it was a mixture of excitement and shock when I spotted a Standard, considering they are seen quite rarely nowadays, even at scrapyards. 

The car although forlorn appeared bodily solid enough with hardly any noticeable corosion (especially not on the 'usual' areas viz, door bottoms, sills, body wings) and reasonably complete barring a few missing or modified bits. Interior is in relatively good shape barring one of the door pads, although it wouldnt be the original one (going by the stitch pattern.) 

However, it took us nearly three weeks before we could purchase the car from the concerned scrapman as he had bought it with the understanding that the papers/registration documents were missing, without which its practically (& even legally) impossible to own a car in India. Getting a re-registration or new documents is also a highly complicated and tedious process! Therefore he was constantly in touch with the (ex)-owner to locate the missing documents. 

I was oscillating between risking buying the car even without the documents and reconciling myself to having it broken, taking only whatever good parts I found in it. But fate certainly smiled on us (and the old girl!) when we got a call confirming that the documents had been found, which enabled us to finally salvage the car! 

However, unfortunately it had been subjected to an extent of vandalism in the meantime at the place where it was parked, resulting in abroken rear & driver's door glass! The rear glass particularly is one of the hard-to-source bits but I'm determined to find a replacement one. 

After paying an advance for the car we have had it moved to a safer spot nearby where we can work on it to first get it mechanically fit to be able to take it away before restoring it, thus I plan to tackle the car step-by-step. The brakes are seized solid, so is the clutch pedal. We managed to get the engine fire up only the other day, after what would've been ages! 

Here is the link to a video I took of that moment:

As seen in the video, my mechanic pointed out that the water-pump needs replacing and the engine turns for now but would need to be worked on later. I will be sending in any updates as the restoration progresses. 

Incidentally, any idea what that little plate on the top right corner of the engine bay signifies? It is not legible but Karl suggests that it could have denoted a colour code. Did the UK Pennants have such a plate as well? (see explanation later)

I also intend to become a full-fledged member of the club as soon as feasible, to be able to get the maximum benefit (for my car!)

Kind regards,


Hi Shyam,

I am always pleased to hear from you, thanks for writing. India is such a big place and there must be so many Standards that need saving that I am pleased to hear from both Karl and yourself with any Standard news

I am glad you are now a Pennant owner, it looks so promising that I won't put it in the "Rust in Peace" Section, so you will have to fix it now! 

The rear screen on the Pennant is the same as any late model 10 so I hope you will be able to find one without breaking another. The chrome trim pieces are also rare, even in the UK so I wish you luck with those too.

Its fantastic to hear the car start, apart from the screaming water-pump ( a Herald will fit) it was starting to run OK and should not need too much work. I'm afraid I don't know what the small plate means, if anything, but I hope Pennant owners will write in to tell us. The car will feature on the website shortly and I look forward to reports, photos and even videos of its progress.

Kind regards,

Phil Homer

Thank you for your enthusiasm and encouragement Phil!

Its of course my pleasure to find something (related to Standards) to write about.

And considering that Standards aren't as many (even in India) as there used to be a decade ago I'm glad that at least what is worth restoring could be saved.

I have some hope about getting the rear screen- by late model 10 do you mean the Super 10 as well? They were relatively more common so a few windscreens from those should be around, at least in Madras and Bangalore if not Hyderabad.

Yes I have bought a brand new Herald water-pump for it the other day.

Were the Pennant front indicators used on any of the Triumph cars (I see Spitfires etc. having what look like similar indicators) incidentally?

Updates to come by as I proceed with getting more work done on the car.....I first intend to get it basically running so that I could get it out of the scrapman's area to a much safer parking place before proceeding with full-fledged restoration.

Thanks again & best regards,


Update of 9th December

Hello Phil,

Shyam in Hyderbad wondered about the badge plate on his inner wing. Here's a photo of the one on my late Standard 10, which is self explanatory.

Bryan Reese.

Thanks Bryan,

I am sure Shyam will be delighted to know what to do when he is low on fuel!