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Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Standard Herald Model

Standard Herald Mk III Model in California.

Dear Standard Motor Club:


As a prolific 1:43 scale modeler I Goolged my way into your website and found pictures of a Standard Herald III, a car I did not know existed and did not have in my 1300 item model vehicle collection.  I figured I could make a custom model of one of the cars pictured and with the aid of the picture and the brochure copy. I came up with the modification of a Corgi Vanguards Triumph Herald. My story for the UK based Model Auto Review magazine follows.   I'm now the proud owner of a model of a rare Indian car.  It goes along well with my model of a Hindustan Ambassador which is ex 1956 Morris Oxford. 


John F. Quilter

Brisbane, California USA


----- Original Message ----- From: John Quilter

To: Rod Ward

Sent: Tuesday, February 13, 2007 9:08 PM

Subject: Mystery Triumph saloon?


Here's an article on my latest chop.


OK all you Triumph fans what is this, a Triumph Herald four door saloon?   No such animal right?  Well, no. The real car is not a chop of a two door but an actual production car!  My model chop is of a Vanguards Triumph Herald two door saloon into a four door with some modifications to replicate the real four door car made in the 70s and 80s.  The front bonnet was that of the later Heralds but the grill, and strange large inboard headlamps are correct for the car.  At the rear the inset panel on the boot lid is gone and the bumpers front and rear are chrome rather than light colored rubber.   This model chop comprised cutting the later style front "clip" off one of the Vanguards Herald convertibles and grafting it on to the earlier first series Herald saloons.   The B pillar was moved and new rear door opening seams were created.   So what is this strange version of a Herald and where was the real car made and what was it called?  Or is it just a creation of my over active modelers imagination? Clues can be found in my model article on page 46 of MAR 209. 




For those that are completely mystifed:  This is a model of a Standard Herald Mark III that was produced in India for a number of years by Standard Motor Products of India Ltd.  of Madras.  It was an Indian only version of the car made in the UK as a Triumph Herald.  It was powered by the original Herald engine of 948cc ("with and without cylinder liners") with 7:1 compression ratio and used a four speed gearbox with remote control floor shift.  The independent rear suspension was retained as was the full separate chassis used in the UK cars. What is even more unique is that Standard in India also made a four door estate although the rear hatch was of entirely local design and not the same as the UK Herald two door estate. Standard also produced an earlier version of the four door Herald saloon with the name Gazel in the mid 70s.  How would someone from half a world away in California learn of such a unique brand of cars?  Well try the internet that can take you anywhere in a few seconds. For more details see


John F. Quilter

Brisbane, California

February 13, 2007

Two more shots of the Herald - they can be clicked on to see an enlargement

Thank you John, a good likeness to the original car which I feature below. There must be many other models of Standard that you could create from pictures on this website, to give you lots more unique examples?