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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Standard Factories Abroad

Standard Factories Abroad:

Here is more information that I have received about the Standard factories in India and in the Benelux countries. My thanks to the correspondents.


Thanks for the interesting info on Standard Factories worldwide. I'm from Southern India and a Standard-Triumph car nut. My favourites are the Vanguard Vignale, Standard Pennant and the Triumph Herald (badged in India as the 'Standard Herald'). I read your info on the Standard Factory in Vundaloor, Madras,India. You were right about it initially being called the Union Motor Co. However, it was later named the 'Standard Motor Products of India ltd.'(STAMPRO), and was in existence till the mid 1980s. They were first assembling ckd's of Vanguards and later the Tens and Pennants, and in 1961, they began to assemble ckd's of 948cc Triumph Heralds (badged as Standards), and gradually began to indianise them, and finally, made their own Heralds with four doors and Vitesse 1600 bonnets, until 1970. A year later, they made a completely Indian made saloon car based on the four door Herald, called the 'Standard Gazelle'. Unfortunalely, this wasn't much of a success, and was made only until 1975, after which the company bought kits of the Rover sd1, but couldn't assemble them, owing to a 5-year period workers' strike. Later, in 1980, they attempted to sell the Rover sd1, badged as 'Standard 2000', complemented by vans/mini-buses/pick-ups based on the Leyland 20. Unfortunately, the sd1 was a terrible failure, owing to the fuel guzzling Vanguard engine, and finally ceased production in 1985, causing STAMPRO to close forever, by 1986/87.

I know not much of the owners, but I believe it was a Madrasee family, and nobody knows what happened of them later.....

This is all I know about the Indian Standard factory. Hope this sounds interesting enough to add in your webpage? I'd be really grateful if you could!! Also have some nice pics.of the Indian made four door Heralds and Gazelles, so feel free to ask me anytime you want me to contribute any of these as well. Please reply at your earliest convenience.

Hope to be in touch,

Best Regards,




Surfing on the world wide web, I visited your Standard Motor Club site yesterday with pleasure.

At this moment I am writing " The Sagitta Encyclopaedia ( Road Vehicles from the Benelux - Countries ) ", which will give historical information about the vehicle manufacturers in the three Benelux - countries, Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands. The idea is to have a names - and marques register of all road vehicle manufacturers and asseciated informations as: Musea - and organisation names. Founders - , directors - and designers names. Vehicle manufacturer - and assemblers names.Trailer manufacturers names. Engine - , transmission -, chassis - and body manaufacturers names. Searching for more information about assembly marques, I found your web

page " Standard Factories Abroad "  and should like to react on this   subject. Besides your given information about the Standard - assembly in Mechelen in  Dutch  = Malines in French and Nessonvaux ( Which was in the old Imperia - factory ) , that I can confirm from my own local research, I am glad to  inform you that the Standard - marque was also assembled in The

Netherlands. The Polynorm - factory in the place Bunschoten, province Utrecht also   assembled the Standard, and it seems they also did the associated Ferguson  - tractors, although I can not confirm this with written - or illustrative material. Polynorm was founded as a building equipment factory, but also assembled  various car makes for having more work just after the second world war. These days the company operates as one of the larger body component  manufacturers serving several European car industries.

Also the Louwman and Parqui - company in the residential place The Hague,  province Zuid - Holland ( Now moved to Raamsdonksveer, province Noord - Brabant and these days the Dutch Toyota - and Lexus importers ) assembled   the Standard. At this moment I have no information if the CKD - or PKD - system was used. I Hope that this imformation can extend your web page further on   thisparticular subject.

If you should have more information abour your marques activities in the Benelux - countries I would much appreciate to know this. On the other hand: If you should have further detailled questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and

With best regards,

Jacques P.J. Deckers,

The Sagitta Encyclopaedia,

( Road Vehicles from the Benelux - Countries ),

Van Beuckelaerstraat 21,

NL 4931 XG  Geertruidenberg,

The Netherlands,

Telephone No.: 0031-162-513619,

E - mail address:

I am aware that there are other cars and information that could be added to this site to make it more comprehensive, so if you have material and photographs, please let me know.  Please send me, Phil Homer, a message at: Phil Homer