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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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 Standard 8 Archive

Standard 8 used as Motorbike Transporter

Svend Sorensen and his astonishing Flying 8

Allan Sorensen from Denmark has sent me these remarkable photographs of his father, Svend Aage Sorensen, together with this associated story:

Svend was a keen Motorcycle Racer and attended the Isle of Man TT from 1935 to 1953. In 1946 he bought a 1938 Standard Flying 8 Saloon as a transporter for his bikes. He used this to attend the Isle of Man from 1947 to 1952. The photo above shows the car in its transporter mode. Typically, there is a Norton Manx 350cc racer strapped behind, and an Excelsior 350cc bike together with a spare Norton 500cc engine inside, the passenger seat having been removed. As a counterbalance on the front are several wheels and tyres! Most years Svend journeyed on his own except in 1949 when Alans mother joined Svend and travelled in the back seat!

From 1950 to 1952 the car was also used for the trip from Denmark to the Hedemora Grand Prix in Sweden, a trip of sixteen hours each way. The Flying 8 carried the bikes and both Alan and his mother. Alan sat on the floor between his mothers legs and his only view was treetops and the electrical wires. No DVD movies or computer games, but four exciting days in the pits. 1952 was the "worst" year for the Standard as his father had got a Featherbed 500cc Norton, a Norton Gardengate Manx 350cc and a Norton Featherbed Manx 500cc engine. On one occasion they all had to get out of the car when the back seat started to smoke as a rear tyre was rubbing on the bodywork. Alan also recalls his mother taking over the driving when his father fell asleep. 

Remarkably Svend was never stopped for being overweight!

The car required painting 4 times in their ownership - the bikes damaged the paintwork.

When the car was sold in 1952 and replaced by an EMW, East German Van, the extra space allowed Allans sister to come along as well..

This shot shows better the positioning of the two wheels on the front wings, either side of the bonnet. 

Both shots taken at Douglas, Isle of Man.

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In 1952 my father had only one frame - a Norton Featherbed frame and three engines - to the 1952 IOMTT.

So the photo from 1951 was the most overcrowded year for the Standard car.

In 1953 we had a EMV 340 - a 1938 BMW car with "wooden van room".

In 1955 we got a 1954 Morris Traveller - our best car, untill I 1987 bought a 1973 Morris Marina with a 1800cc MG engine - this was a real Marvel.

He got three Bronce-replicas and a lot of publicity on his monocycle in 1952.

a05-top.jpg is his brand-new Norton Manx with his 1939 Excelsior manxman 250cc engine.

a07-top.jpg is his monocycle which himself and my sister were able to ride.

a05-bund.jpg is the LW race 1952 on Isle of Man - he was 14th and got a bronce replica.

a06-top.jpg is the Junior race Iale of Man 1952 - he was 27'th to a bronce replica.

G50-c.jpg is from Gardemoen, Oslo, Norway 1950. My mother is washind the car.
Senior-51-f.jpg is from Hedemora, Sweden 1951. The car is covered of dirt from the Swedish roads - 600 km from 6 am to 10 pm.