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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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 Flying Standard 12 Feature

Flying 12 in Christchurch, New Zealand

Dave Jenkins's Flying 12

Standard Flying 12 

Commission Number: DB5384DL

Eng.# DB5449E

"Allsteel" body by Pressed Steel Co

First Registered 12th Dec.1938 ( Christchurch NZ )

Colour Dark Blue

As found in 1997

dismantled engine

My late wife, Sue, and I bought the car in 1997 with the intention of entering the NZVCC International Rally in Hamilton Feb. 2000. Mileage at that stage was 85,711

The car was in pretty good condition body-wise but the engine was in a poor state of health. The aluminium head had corroded so badly that the cooling water had escaped into the internals of the crankcase and the car had been laid up for about 30 years in that state. When I initially drained the sump there was more water than oil came out!

The body had had a few accident repairs done to it during it's life and there was some rust in the sills and the bottom of the "C" pillars where the sunroof drains had been leaking because of perished rubber hoses.


All of these items were repaired by a panel beater friend of mine then I rubbed all the body down and sent to another friend for painting. I tackled the interior myself because furniture upholstery is my trade and I had done several cars before.

body ready for painting

engine installed 1999

I stripped the engine completely and sent it to the reconditioner who did a complete rebuild. The engine is now back to standard ( no pun intended ) as the bores were re-sleeved. The chassis received a good going over with new bushes etc, new brakes, wheel bearings. Rear springs were reset but I wasn't happy with them so after we came back from the International Rally I got a new set made from the plans I acquired from Woodheads in Leeds who made the original springs. The gearbox and Diff were left untouched and have worked OK but I have since had the Diff rebuilt and intend to have the gearbox done in the near future.

I purchased a reproduction wiring loom from a supplier in Australia and once the car was back from painting in late 1999, assembly started. I finished the car in January 2000 just in time for the Annual Rally run by our local Canterbury branch of the NZVCC. You will note in the photo that I still hadn't received the hubcaps back from the electroplaters! We finished "running-in" the engine about half way ( just north of Wellington ) to Hamilton for the International.  That was a great event. Aprox 1000 vehicles of all makes and ages. In New Zealand The VCC caters for all makes 30years and older. The whole trip including the rally took us almost a month but I can't remember exactly how many miles.

body is painted

First trip

What I can remember is that "Stanley", as our car has come to be known as, never missed a beat, which was a surprise to me because I had no past experience in car restoration, except for the trimming side of things.

We've had many good trips with Stanley over the ensuing years both with the VCC and with our little Standard Enthusiasts Club which I think is the only club catering for Standards in NZ.



Dave Jenkins

Standard Enthusiasts Club


New Zealand

You can read more about the Standard Enthusiasts Club in New Zealand here

I welcome more articles about Standards in New Zealand. If you have material and photographs, please let me know.  Please send me, Phil Homer, a message at: Phil Homer