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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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 Standard Powered  Fire Pump

Flying 12 power for a Sulzer Fire Pump

Philip Howard's Sulzer Fire Pump

Hi Phil,


I have recently acquired a new restoration project which you maybe interested in. It is a 1939 Sulzer portable fire fighting pump which has a Standard 12 engine in it. I know very little about it as everybody I have asked on the rally fields this year has never seen one before! I believe it was used by Oxford City Fire Brigade for part of its life (it has OCFB stamped on some of the fittings) and I know it was picked up from somewhere in Watlington 20 odd years ago, it then lived in a garage until a few months ago when I picked it up. I cant wait to start restoring it just as soon as the house I'm buying comes through! I have attached a few pictures of it. If you know anything about these pumps please do let me know.


Kind Regards


Philip Howard

Head of Section Fire Behaviour


Hi Philip,

Now, every so often, something novel turns up and certainly this is one of those moments. Sulzer, a Swiss Company, founded in 1834, are still going strong and are still making pumps of all descriptions. The Swiss parent hasn't been able to shed any light on this pump, or provide me with any information about it, but they still have a branch in Leeds. While we wait for the Leeds branch to respond, here is my appeal to anyone who might know something more about these pumps, since they surely built more than one at the outbreak of the war. So if you can add anything to this story, please send it to the webmaster in the first instance. Any information received will be added to this page.

I look forward to being inundated with email!