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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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 Perth-built Standard 8

Standard 4/8A Tourer by Mortlock Brothers, Perth

Hello Phil,

This 1947 Standard 4/8A Tourer is an original car and has been licenced and used all its life. The car was built by the Standard Motor Company, Coventry , England in 1947, exported to Western Australia in kit form and assembled by Mortlock Brothers, Perth .

The Brockman sisters from Busselton bought the car new in 1948 and owned it until the mid 1980’s when the car was traded at Fennessy Motors, Busselton. The car was used by apprentices and was then owned by Roger Reeves and then Arthur Cunniffe as a historic car. It is now owned by Barry Halligan from Bunbury.

The car has been well serviced, garaged and licensed all of its life. It is in original condition apart from being repainted from green to black by the Brockman sisters. It will be maintained and shown in its original condition for a few years.

I am a member of the Triumph Car Club WA and will take it to Perth for the Classic Car Day in March 2006. Not many of the 8 hp tourers, Austin, Morris or Standard have survived in WA

Cheers,  Barry Halligan

Many thanks Barry, a very interesting and unusual car.

It appears to be a mixture of prewar and postwar factory components.  The body tub is pre-war including the shallow cutaway doors and chrome screen surround. The bonnet is post 1945. The seats appear to be locally made ( since the factory car had bucket front seats ) I haven't encountered Mortlock brothers before, so anything else you know about them and a copy of a brochure would be an extremely interesting thing to see.

With this information we might be able to work out, how this combination came about.

Its good that the car is being used regularly. I would be happy to feature the car on the site, could you send any more pictures from different angles?

 Many thanks and happy new year to you.


Phil Homer

I am aware that there are other cars and information that could be added to this site to make it more comprehensive, so if you have material and photographs, please let me know.  Please send me, Phil Homer, a message at: Phil Homer