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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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 Flying Standard 8 goes racing in Australia

This one really flies!

Hi Phil,

         The Standard when I got it was just a body with no running gear. The sun roof was gone as was the spare wheel door and it had a fair bit of rust in the front and sills. To get the end result I was after, the body was widened 6 inches, the roof lowered 2 inches, the mud guards all round have been widen 3 inches. The wheel base has been made 3 inches longer by taking the wheel arch from the left side mudguard and putting on the right and the same on the on the left side, but I did not have to touch the wheel arch in the body. 

With the front now being  6 inches wider the Standard grill did not fit but the Ford Popular grill just fitted neatly. Because of the rust in the front a fiberglass front was taken of it and a hole cut into the side.  With the Popular trim  fitted (which does give it the look of a Ford Popular) The only part that has no been changed is the boot lid, 3 inch strips were put in each side of the boot opening to bring it to standard size. The only thing that did not start life as a 1947 Flying standard 8 is the grill which is 1947 Ford Popular. Hope this put some light on were the Standard is in my car, it got called a Popular by everyone as the badge on the grill is Ford Popular and most know what the grill is, but in Australia the Standard Motor Car is not as well known -  pardon the pun -  not as popular !


All the best.

Jim Peall

Thanks Jim,

It certainly is another Standard saved, even if the magazine article accompanying your email describes it as a Ford Popular - that's why I havn't used it.

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