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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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The first snows of Winter

1937 Standard Flying 12 Saloon in Sweden:

Following the huge reception we got last year for a Flying 8 in the Alaskan snow, I thought we better continue the winter tradition by featuring another Standard in a wintery scene:

Bo Legilius's 1937 black Standard Flying 12 Saloon contrtasts well with a Swedish Winter's day. Click on the picture for an even  bigger version

Bo writes:

I always log in late on Sundays because weekends is when you add new stuff. If there is no new stuff I re-visit existing pages with equal pleasure hoping finally to be able to open the pic of the Flying 20 for sale in France, only to again be encountered by the red x-ed box. (Webmasters note: Thanks for informing me, this is now fixed!)

Your site and your  article almost 20 yrs ago in The Automobile, although not at the time, I dug it out in from the attic) finally convinced ¨me a year ago to buy my '37 Flying Twelve, something I have not regretted as it has given me more pleasure than a lot of other things and certainly other collector cars I own or have owned. The word is 'incredible', this is not the average wallowing, powerless crown-of-the-road hugging 30s black saloon but quite a drivable smooth car almost keeping up with modern traffic. This afternoon I fitted a steering damper - it's OK. they were around in the '30s- which makes it run straight as an arrow at 55to60mph despite the inevitable Burman-Douglas slop,  no offense meant to anyone out there called Burman and/or Douglas, the steering box is referred to.

I enjoy it when people are not only not recognizing it but also are completely clueless when told the make. I then usually tell them that it hasn't got a Jaguar engine but Jaguars started out in business with Flying  Standard engines. Will keep in touch.


Bo Legelius, Sweden

Thanks Bo, you clearly enjoy your car, keep the flag flying!

Phil Homer, Nov 2002

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