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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Teignmouth at the International Rally

Teignmouth returns to Charlecote after 44 years!

Colin Clatworthy with Michael Dudley - after 40 years

Colin Clatworthy writes from Wellesbourne:


Sunday 29th June really turned out to be a special day, when it could have been an absolute disaster.


Six weeks before the rally I decided that Henrietta (my 1929 Teignmouth) could do with a couple of things done to make her look beautiful, so I removed the back rack/spare wheel carrier and her wheel caps. The rack was showing signs of rust and was sent off to Redditch Shotblasting. the wheel caps went down to Bristol to be re-chromed.


A week later the phone rang and disaster, it was the shotblaster to say that part of the rack had disintegrated whilst removing the old paint. I went over to see what was needed and confirmed that nothing short of major surgery would be required. An old friend of my sons came to the rescue and with some master sheet metal work and welding made it good again. Back to the shotblaster and with a new coat of black powder coating it found its way back onto the car a week before Charlecote.


The chrome took longer than quoted and arrived by courier with three days to spare so the Saturday before the rally was spent re-assembling all the bits.


The whole family rallied together for the Sunday, probably because my wife laid on a fabulous picnic and Henrietta went on show at Charlecote again after 44 years. I showed her off with pride and met loads of old friends and put names to faces, at long last.


During the morning I was approached by couple and the guy said 'remember me', I hadn't a clue who he was but when he introduced himself I was really gobsmacked, it was Michael my best friend from the early 1960's and the lad who had introduced me to Henrietta in the very first place. I think it was as special for him as it was for me as we spent some time just talking about the old days and he gave me a copy of the original receipt when Henrietta was purchased in 1964, just £55.


The day was topped by winning second in class, just missing out to Steve Birt's superbly restored Teignmouth, not often you get three together, plus a Selby and a Van. Pity we didn't line them up together for a photo shot.


Thank you to all the organising committee, it was a fabulous day for the Clatworthy's 


Colin Clatworthy


Henrietta receiving her second in class award


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