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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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1922 SLO4 Two-seater

1922 SLO4 Two-seater Feature

Don Brunt owns this two-seater Standard SLO4 from 1922. Some of the history of this car is known. It was restored in the 1960's by Standard-Triumph apprentices and spent the next period of its life in the British Motoring Heritage Trusts collection, eventually being on display in the Gaydon Museum. It was sold in auction a couple of years back and bought by  a Classic car dealer in the West Midlands. From there possession passed to Don Brunt

Don has embarked on a nut and bolt restoration of the car, and the pictures shown steps in that process. In rebuilding the car, he found that another rear axle worm wheel was needed, but this has now been supplied following help from Paul Newsome and the Club.

I hope that Don will be able to supply photos of the finished article, I am sure that it will look magnificent.

Don has supplied far too many photographs for me to publish here, so these are just a selection. If you want to see how a particular part fits on your SLO4, give me a call, there is probably a photo of it! As examples, by clicking on any of the thumbnails below, you can see an enlarged version of that photograph:

Specification of the SLO4 Chassis

1944 ccs, 4 cylinders75mm x 110mm , RAC rating: 13.9Hp

overhead valves

Wheelbase 9' 8"", Track 4' 3"

Overall length 13' 9",  width 5' 7"

4 speed and reverse gearbox, 12v electrics

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