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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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1924  Standard Leamington

Unique Standard Leamington?

The only surviving Standard Leamington carries an appropriate registration

Whenever I state that  a particular Standard is the sole surviving example of a particular model, someone usually e-mails me to put me right and provides evidence that another exists. OK, so here is your latest challenge; this is the only surviving Standard "Leamington" in the world. It is the 1924 Standard SLO4 chassis, with two-seater bodywork and exposed dickey behind. All the other surviving SLO4s from that year have 4/5 seater "Warwick" bodywork.

John Davy recorded this car as being in Hamilton, New Zealand in 1967, the cars registration was unknown at that time.

Heather Reiss has written from New Zealand with news of this impressive car and with these photographs, taken in their summer sunshine.  The car has been mechanically restored over the last two years and is now ready for the road.

Period leather interior apparent in these interior shots

A couple of NZ sheep providing added comfort in the driving seats!

"Autovac", carburettor, and magneto can be seen in this nearside engine view

Large two seater "Dickey" seat can be seen in this view

Offside view of the 1994cc 4 cylinder overhead valve engine

No front brakes, but the Roman Legion radiator mascot i in evidence

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