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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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1907 Roi des Belges

1907 Standard Roi des Belges - The oldest surviving Standard

Len Barr writes from Cirencester:

"When looking through some files, I found the attached photograph of the 1907 Standard (now SMC1) in the condition it was found on a Tobacco Farm in Australia in 1956.  Let me know if you get the file through ok, you might like to add it to the web site if you consider its clear enough. The car was actually completely restored to original condition by Standard-Triumph Australia Ltd and then presented to the parent Company in Coventry in 1958.  After arriving at Coventry in 1958, the Registration number "SMC1" which was a plate owned by the Company, was transferred to the car.

The details of the car are 1907, model: B, 29.5 H.P. with Roi des Belges style coachwork.

Cost of the car when new: £470."

Yes Len, its very clear as you can see! So far as I am aware, it hasn't been published elsewhere before, so I have deliberately "spoilt" it to prevent unauthorised use by downloading from here.  I thought I would add a recent photo of SMC 1 which now lives in the Coventry Transport Museum. (Spooky, I chose the same angle!) The car remains in roadworthy condition today. It is, of course, the oldest surviving Standard in existence.


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