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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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New Member in Australia with a Vanguard Collection

The Club always welcomes new members from Australia, as it does from any country where the cars were sold.

Tim Fox has a Sportsman, a Vanguard 1 and a collection of other Standards 

Tim writes:

This is my screensaver picture on my computer. Please feel free to publish any of these pictures as required.

Also Phil my membership has been approved from your club. I will send you another photo soon for your Christmas articles.

Phil I also forgot to mention I am a member of the club Standard triumph in Melbourne.

Please find attached link feel free to add this page to your links page I will have ours linked to yours also if this 

Is O.K ???


Thanks Phil be in touch soon.

Tim Fox

You can access the Standard-Triumph Club of Melbourne from our "Links" page. Here are some more photos that our new member sent me:

Hi Phil,

Please find attached pics of some other cars that I have sitting around.

The Flying on left is a spare parts car for the flying v8 my dad is


My dad has just finished restoring a ph1a estate car body no 00001.

The next car on the line up is a ph2 diesel ute with overdrive which is

owned by a mate we haved used this as our farm ute for years it starts first

time every time.

The next car is a ph2 estate with overdrive which I have currently sold.

I will forward you some more photos soon.


Tim Fox 

Please find attached pic of my other Vanguard this is my weekend runabout.

This has had a full ground up resto the engine no on this is TDD800E is has

factory fitted 15" wheels.

Most of these that are in Australia have 16".

This is a nice car but I prefer driving my beetle back phase 1.

(December 2010)