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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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John Worby'sPhase 3 Vanguard

John Worby's Low Mileage Vignale appears in a Gloucestershire Newspaper

Here is a photo I took earlier! - Phil Homer

HAVING spotted this wonderful looking motor at a recent Classic Car show, I was prepared to forgive its owner for being a former bank manager in order to get the car's interesting history! The beauty in question is a Standard Vanguard Vignale phase III, of 1960 vintage, in completely original condition and, to be fair, its owner, John Worby, left the banking profession long before the current mayhem began. "It's totally unrestored," John told me. "The total and genuine mileage is 18,000 and when I bought the car from a chap in Kent about 11 years ago, it had just 8,000 on the clock." Certainly the car looks resplendent in shiny black with acres of chrome trim. Apparently, John has had a life-long affair with the Standard badge, and previously owned a 1948 'Flying Standard', but decided there was too much work involved in restoring it, so it eventually went to a museum in Ireland

The Vignale is a much better prospect due to its superb condition and has been Christened 'Vera' by John, after becoming a much-loved member of the family As well as the Cotswold Classic Car Club, John, who lives in the Ledbury area, is a member of the Standard Motor Club and this year the SMC will hold its Golden Anniversary Standard International Rally at the Royal Agricultural College, in Cirencester, from June 26-28. Standards from all over the country will be in attendance and they will participate in a road run on Saturday June 27, but the public are welcome to visit (free of charge) on Sunday June 28, when most of the vehicles will be on static display 

The Standard Motor Club caters for enthusiasts and owners of products of the Standard Motor Company of Canley, in Coventry, which were built from 1903 to 1963, The Standard Motor Company bought the Triumph car company in 1945 and all post-war Triumph cars were designed and made by the Standard Motor Company in Standard factories. While many are familiar with Triumph cars, the parent company's products, and the Standard marque generally, has largely been ignored, except by their owners. Standard handed the styling of its new Vanguard to a budding, young Italian designer, Giovanni Michelotti, who would later gain fame for designing more popular Standard-Triumph cars such as the Herald, Spitfire and the eventual Vanguard replacement, the Triumph 2000. All of the major changes to the 'new' Vanguard were cosmetic and included a larger glass area, a new grille, revised rear springs and taller gearing. Production of the Vanguard Vignale continued until 1961. John's example runs on unleaded petrol - with additive - and has a four-speed gearbox. "It's great fun to own and to drive," he concluded. "I don't intend to let this one go."

Reproduced with acknowledgement to the Gloucestershire Echo

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