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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Australian Phase 3 Ute

Immaculate Restoration of a Phase 3 Utility

The Phase 3 Vanguard was built only for the Australian market, and though there are a few of them in the UK, they are re-imports. It is good to hear that they are sought after in Australia and it is especially good to see one that has been restored to such a high Standard. Just how well the two tone paintwork suits this good-looking vehicle can be seen in this excellent series of photos:

Michael Kubeccek e-mails from Australia:

Just more info on my ute. I bought it from a friend, It used to be his fathers ute they used it on their farm until the mid 70s. They then used it for a shooting ute and also to drive to the farm gate to get the school bus. ( How many miles from the front door to the farm gate, I wonder?- Webmaster) It then sat in the paddock for some time before I acquired it. It took me 3 years on and off to finish it. I stripped every nut and bolt and took it back to bare metal. The only work I had done on the ute was the head lining and the cover,  I did the rest. The 1958 phase 3 utes are very rare to get in Australia as they are all rusted out and beyond repair. I have sent more photos for you to look at. 

Bye for now, Michael Kubecek. 

More excellent photos below,

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