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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Swedish Phase 3 Vanguard

 Swedish "Classic Motor" features superb Phase 3 Vanguard

From our Scandinavian Correspondent: 


Dear Phil,

Yet another mail from the well frozen north. For the past 2 days we have had temps of -20. So it's definitely winter draws on. I  got the enclosed file today on the article from "Classic Motor" magazine in Sweden. The nice lady writes....." Hi Malcolm, Thanks for your mail. Here comes a pdf (file?) on the article which you can show to your friend.   Greetings Agneta Ivarsson/Classic Motor."

The caption on the article reads "Vanguard 3 was more beautiful than 1 or 2 , but was only half as popular. ( the article  goes on to talk about the rise  in prices and a history of Standard and of Svens car.). Sven Anderssons example is in a rare well preserved state    The original paint is without blemish (mistake-free)  and the chrome and the interior  as new."    

I hope you can open it and that it may be of interest. The car seems to be in very good nick......Is this not  the 50th anniversary year? How do we reach folks like this in other countries.?? The  owner  should be encouraged to take a summer trip of a lifetime and come to Cambridge. Our Norwegian friends are all bowled over by  English culture and can`t get

enough of York, Cambridge and Buck House

Thanks Malcolm,

The complete article can be downloaded from here as a PDF*. You need Adobe Acrobat to read it, it can be downloaded from here for free . 

We gratefully acknowledge the source as the February 2007 edition of the Swedish "Classic Motor" magazine. Thanks you guys, if you need any more info on Standard cars, just drop us an email. 

*This file is 1.3Mb so requires Broadband, or a long wait

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