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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Standards in Cyprus Feature

From the family album of Glafkos Demades

I enclose two copies of photographs taken from the family album.

The first showing my father at the time of delivery to the customer of that brand new Standard Car to the owner of the liqueur shop, and the other standing proud next to a new Standard Vanguard bearing dealers license plates. I do not know if he bought tickets for the film showing atr the time but his love and dedication to the Standard Motor Company and its cars surekly exceeded that of "Romeo and Juliet", the title of the film at the cinema when the photo was taken.

With the Nicosia English school leaving certificate in hand, a new Imperial interchangeavble keyboard typewriter (English/Greek), with vision and his parent's blessings he started his import business in 1918. Demetrius Jannakou Demades (1894-1987) dared trading in an industry where, according to the business elite of the time, doing business would not differ from that of "digging his own grave with his own hands whilst striking the typewriter keys with his two fingers"

He was appointed the sole distributor of the Standard Motor Company Ltd in the year 1932 and the association lasted with the Austin and Leyland truck vehicles till the '80's when naturally ppetered out with the rest of BL. "Geros" as he was also known was a pioneer, a hard worker and an extrovert with many friends. Iam proud he was my father.

Glafkos Demades

Nicosia, Cyprus

27th Sept 20012

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