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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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The David Freeman Collection

I have introduced David's collection, which I believe to be largest collection of Standard 10's in North America, before. You can see that feature here. Now this member has sent an update to his story.

Hi Fellow Triumph/Standard Enthusiasts,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is David A Freeman and I am from High Point, North Carolina. USA.

I was injected with the "Standard Bug" about 30 years ago as a child, when we used to visit my grandmother. She had bought a brand new "TR10" estate wagon in 1958. This was the only car my grandmother ever had as long as I knew her. When she passed my father drove the car home from New Orleans, LA to our home in NJ. I occasionally helped my Dad work on the cars maintenance. As I grew the car was always around but mostly just parked in the corner of the garage. 

About 10 years ago my parents moved to a smaller home and no longer had room for the car. It was at this time when the car was passed to me. I promptly parked it in my garage and let it sit. Then the infection began to spread and take a hold of me. I started to tinker with it and contemplated restoration. I got her running and started going to various shows around my home in NC. I soon confirmed that this was indeed a fairly rare piece of British motor history.

I began looking on the web for as much information as I could get. I eventually learned that my grandmother’s car was actually a Standard 10 marketed in the US as a Triumph TR10 due to the fact that in the US "Standard" meant ordinary or regular where as in Europe "Standard" meant high quality. So Triumph decided to capitalize on the success of the TR3 and badge these imported Ten’s under the Triumph name. 

As the infection grew within me I found a 1959 TR10 sedan for sale on EBay. I thought that would make a nice addition so I promptly bought it. As time went on I learned about the Standard Commercials. It turns out that The Standard Motor Company made a pick-up truck based on the Ten’s. I searched and searched for information on these allusive machines. I occasionally found a picture here or there, but very little photography was available.

One day about four years ago during a routine EBay search I came across a 1956 Standard 10 pick-up for sale. I simply had to have it. It was in fairly good condition and was running. While it was in need of restoration it was a perfect addition to my growing collection of cars, parts and literature. The bidding war was on with another buyer, but I was at a disadvantage. The other buyer was in England and did not have to consider shipping across the Atlantic. I finally won the bid at 2700 pounds. Now that I was the proud owner of a Standard 10 pick-up I had to get it home. 

During one of my many conversations with the seller, I mentioned to him that I had heard that Standard had also made a van based on the Ten. He informed me that they had and that he actually had one. It was a 1954 Standard 10 van but in very bad shape. I insisted that he send me some photos. After a bit of convincing the seller finally relented and sold me the van at the same time. 

The two newest additions to my fleet set sail on the "Patriot" to the port of Charleston in SC. Upon arrival, the paperwork really began. But they eventually cleared customs and made the final trek to there current resting places alongside the other Ten’s. Restoration on all of them will take time, but they are progressing slowly. The original estate wagon will not be restored but rather preserved as it is all original and only has 32000 miles. The others will all go through a complete restoration. 

Once completed I intend to take them on the show circuit with the slogan of "Re-Introducing the Ten’s".

Thank you for reading my story and feel free to contact me with suggestions or questions.

David A Freeman

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(December 2011)