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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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"New Class for Modified Cars"

Some hippies took a liking to this one.

At the 2010 International Rally, there will be a new Class. For the first time,"Modified Cars" will form a Class of their own. I thought that I would celebrate this happening with a selection of cars. The rules are simple, because there are none. If your car has been modified, customised or hot-rodded in any way shape or form, then you are invited to enter this new class. It doesn't need to be a Standard 8 and 10 though most of the photos I have here are of that model. If you have any modified model of any Standard, you are welcome to bring it along. In a light- hearted competition all of the class participants will be able to judge what they consider to be the most worthy competitors in their class ( excluding their own) , and the top three will will trophies.

Whilst some may be aghast at this prospect, many others will appreciate the efforts required to modify and improve these cars. And lets face it, its keeping them out of the scrapyard for the next generation to enjoy! More power to their elbows I say!

The first two, above and left, which I have christened Jaws 1 and Jaws II show what can be done with the judicious use of chrome over-riders that I am sure the designers never intended. Jaws I comes in a tasteful shade of red-oxide primer whilst Jaws II is a more menacing black ( what appearrs to be Hammerite)

Next up comes this more subtle conversion. Outwardly it looks pretty stock but its sitting on 15" alloys with low profile tyres

Thanks Tomas,

Its good to see your Vanguard Junior, which is how the Standard 10 was badged in Scandinavia. It certainly seems to be in very good condition and be in use, as your photo has proven. Hope that it continues to give you good service and to see it at the Standard International Rally one day?

Kind regards,