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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Standard 8 finds a new Enthusiastic Owner

The Coolest Car on Campus, by some margin!

Gillian and her newly acquired Standard 8, Henry

When it comes to discerning owners, Gillian Carmoodie is up amongst the best!

This student from St. Andrews University went about things in exactly the right way, and is a model for how a Classic Car should be bought.

First, she joined the Standard Motor Club. Then she joined our internet forum and already having decided she wanted a Standard 8 or 10, asked for advice on how to get a good car. The advice was immediate, volumous and helpful so she soon knew how to buy the best car for her budget.

So, in a short while she made a trip to Birmingham, where she met Henry, the pretty Apple Green Standard 8 photographed above. Together they made the long journey back to Scotland.

In her words:" I'm delighted to tell you that our weekend was a success and that I'm now the proud owner of a Standard 8.  I adore my new car & am astonished that a car from 1957 was able to transport both myself & my partner a distance of approx. 400 miles between Birmingham and our home in Scotland without so much of a complaint or problem.  I'm very happy."

A little  later: "One week into Standard 8 ownership & I'm still smiling all the time!

Today my partner Chris & I drove Henry along Fife's Coast, heading towards beautiful North Queensferry.  After your request for a picture of Henry & I, I decided that one of the nicest places around where we live would be under the grand old Forth Railway Bridge.  The Forth Rail Bridge is somewhat vintage (currently 119 years old!) and a superb engineering feat & so too is my Henry. I thought they would look good together & I hope you agree.

Most folks I've told about Henry don't know what he is but yes indeed, people are very curious and encouraging.  I've found I can't leave Henry for any time at all before small bands of curious / adoring fans stand around him and ask me what he is.  On our way up to Scotland last weekend, many bikers gave us the thumbs up as they passed us.  I'm told that approval from motorcyclists is a very cool thing indeed.

I'm absolutely delighted with Henry and plan to look after him as best as I can. He is in need of a little cosmetic work on his paintwork and interior but mechanically he is absolutely sound.

Well done you, what a great story and a superb photo! You now have the SMC award for the coolest car on Campus! I hope Top Gear see it that way! Gillian has agreed to send me updates to her story as her ownership progresses. I have asked for the low points as well as these highs. Come back and see how they are getting on together.

Phil Homer