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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Two Standard Pennants

The Pennants of West Sussex

Darren's Pennant is on the right

  Hi Phil,

Well, just an update really. I have had my Pennant on the road for 1 year now, and what a year it has been. I have never had so much joy out of one little car! It passed its second MOT yesterday (22nd July) without one single fault. Not bad considering I have done 4,000 miles in it in the last year, and I haven't had to replace so much as a bulb! I have been asked to do many things over the last year, like a funeral, school prom night (2), and at the end of this month, my Pennant is being used as the bridesmaids car for a wedding, following a 1934 Fire Engine! So its certainly getting some attention at this end of the country.


However, I have spent the last year under great disillusion! I have spent a glorious 12 months driving around in what I thought was the only working roadworthy road legal pennant in my area! I have enjoyed going to numerous car rallies, vintage shows, steam and country shows, and having so many comments about how they "haven't seen one of these for donkey's years", and "I remember my dad/grandfather/mother/auntie Mable having one" etc... as I'm sure most of us have. Well my bubble well and truly burst on Sunday (20th July 2008)! Whilst walking round, and checking out the other fine exhibits at the Double LL Club's Classic Vehicle Show in Horndean, Hampshire, my jaw dropped, and my eyes opened wide, when I happened to stumble across another Pennant!!! The first one I have seen seen owning mine!


After an hour of chatting with the owners, who to be honest, I cant remember their names, (would the owners like to email and tell me?) although they did, like me, come from Sussex, decided that they would move their car, and park it next to mine. We have taken some pictures, and we agreed that we would send them to the Standard Motor Club, as they may be interested to see them.


Please find attached a few photos of our day out, and also to mention that July 2009, we will be there again, and would love to see other Standard members there, and maybe we could even arrange a group stand together. I would also be interested to find out a few more facts about Pennants. Like how many there are that still survive, how many there are in Sussex, and how many are actually road worthy and being used around the country. These are questions that are very much on mine, and the other Pennant owners mind.


Thanks for listening to me blurb on.


Darren Hyde

Member Number 5639

Cowfold, West Sussex

Looks like a grey Standard 8 or 10 in the background too....

Hi Darren,

The Pennants certainly look good together, thanks for sending the photos in.

I hope that you are in contact with the Gatwick Group of the Standard Motor Club so that you can join in their events, or they join in yours. 

So far as organising a group stand at next years show, if you would like to send me the details, date, time and place when you know them, I will gladly place them in the 2009 events listing, asking other members to join you.

So far as statistics about Pennants are concerned, I suggest you call the Club's registrar on the phone number on the inside cover of the magazine. He should be able to answer your questions from the data in the Club's database.

Keep the flag flying in West Sussex!

Kind regards,

Phil Homer.