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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Standard Pennant Feature

Restored Standard Pennant in Regular Use

Alison's Pennant in great surroundings at Holkham Hall

The Standard Pennant is the successor to the Standard 10. Using the same basic body tub, four different wings were added along with chrome flashes down the side and across the boot. This trim allowed a two-tone colour scheme to be specified.  Inside, a complete change was made to the interior trim with an improvement to the dashboard equipment and layout. Mechanically a remote control gearshift was added. New bumpers and grille completed the makeover, turning  the car into a quintessential late 50's luxury small saloon. 

Alison bought PSY 274 in July of 2003. It was in a pretty sorry state. She recalls that it had no roof lining or carpets and the seats were very poor. The bonnet had come open and swung back damaging the roof!. Affectionately known as Chugalong, or Chug for short, the Pennant has now become a member of the family.

Over the last 5 years Alison has treated the car to a fairly comprehensive restoration. New Springs were made for the car as the originals did not match each other. The engine was taken out and rebuilt, including an unleaded conversion. The whole car was resprayed in the attractive original two-tone green and ivory colour scheme. The whole of the interior has  received a retrim, including seats roof lining and carpets. The re-carpeting has been extended into the boot, where there was no carpet originally, but the improvement is apparent and very neatly executed. A wiring overhaul including sealed beam headlights has almost completed the restoration.

I say almost completed, because a car like this always requires some ongoing attention and Alison is presently looking for an original waterpump, the one with a grease nipple.

The car is now used on a regular basis and covered the four day EA Rally without a murmur. I was lucky enough to photograph it " on tour" at Holkham Hall in North Norfolk. This pictures show how a fairly desperate case can be turned, in time, into an attractive Classic that turns heads wherever it goes. 

If you have a Pennant at home waiting for a restoration, let this be an encouragement to you. If you know of one needing rescuing, go out and save it.  If you have one you are restoring, send me some pictures so that I can feature it here. See more Pennants at the Standard International Rally

Article and photos by Phil Homer