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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Standard Pennant Restoration

Another Pennant back on the road in West Sussex

Darren Hyde's Pennant has a new lease of life


Thought you might be interested to know that my Pennant, that when  I purchased it 10 months ago was in poor condition, is now up and running, and has been used every day since. Please find attached a few photographs of it, from the find in a barn, through its mot, and then at various shows around the south east. I thought maybe you would like to show it in your 8's, 10's and Pennants section of featured cars.


I bought the car from a local farmer, who had it parked in one of his barns, along with a 1939 Hillman Minx, a marina pickup, and a few other rare cars. I paid him £500 for it, and took it away.


On closer inspection, found all the brakes to be seized, and all the rubber hoses around the car to be rotten or missing. The cooling system was clogged up with rust, but the engine turned over by hand. After fitting a new set of points, and priming the fuel pump, and with the help of a set of jump leads, she fired back into life. With not so much as a missed beat. Not bad, considering I haven't put any fresh petrol in it!


After 6 months of hard work, and sourcing numerous bits and pieces from ebay, and other local classic car parts retailers, and fitting a new set of radial tyres,  I managed to get the car to a usable state. After a few initial overheating and electrical problems were sorted by replacing the blocked radiator, and replacing wires eaten by mice, she was on the road, drivable, and only missing one vital element, an MOT.


After a phone call to the mot station, my car was booked in. And on arrival, the mot tester looked at it, and said he hadn't seen one of these for many years, and certainly not one in as nicer condition. He took great pleasure in checking every nut and bolt for missing split pins, and every piece of metal for rust, but was hard pushed to find anything wrong with it. And his comment, as he typed out an MOT certificate, was "Credit where credit is due, you done a good job there chap!" I left there with a real buzz, knowing i had achieved what i thought would never come. A nice car to use, and show, and all in 6 months.


After paying £60 a year for fully comp insurance, and a visit to the post office to claim my free tax disc, my car is on the road.


The car has since been to the Rudgwick steam rally, Hellingly, Cranleigh car show, Newpound Macmillan Cancer Charity Show, and a few others, and has clocked up some 3,000 miles.


Thanks for reading.

Darren Hyde - Cowfold, West Sussex

Member 5639

Inside the dusty barn

Full service for the Pennant

Looking resplendent at the Hellingly Show

Hi Darren,

The Pennant certainly looks fantastic and is obviously giving you good service. I hope other potential enthusiasts note just how inexpensive it is to put a Standard on the road. Perhaps I should say "good value" !

I hope that you are in contact with the Gatwick Group of the Standard Motor Club so that you can join in their events, or they join in yours. 

I look forward to meeting you and to seeing your potentially award winning car at the International Rally at Charlecote next summer, if not before. Good luck in the meantime.

Kind regards,

Phil Homer.

Stories of Restoration Projects including photos of the work, if possible including before, during and after photos are always welcomed and can be published here, just like Darren's. Unless I am very busy, material is usually published within the week. Features published here are never removed so this page provides a permanent record of your car, for you to show your friends. Just give them the address showing in your browsers address bar, above.