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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Immaculate Standard Companion

Immaculate Indian Standard Companion in same ownership since new

Mr Saravanan's Companion has been in his family's ownership since new

Mr Saravanan writes from India:

Our family owns the Blue Standard Companion  found in the photo sent by Mr. Shivakumar.

The original colour was green and was bought from Union Motors Madras.

The car was bought by my father T.M. Parameswaran a Doctor, Surgeon and Professor by profession  in the year 1962.

The car has been in the family since then, still fascinating every one.

The car is in top condition even today capable of doing long trips with top speed of 65 mph.(104 Kmph).

It cruises well without trouble and climbs hill with ease.

The Space available in Companion is huge and it is our family favourite for hauling all the family odd luggage's on trips.

The car is now being used for short trips only even  though it can do marathon.

What I like in this car.

The car if produced today with same dimensions but with latest engine, transmission would succeed.

By look Renault Kangoo is similar to a Standard Companion in my opinion.

Best wishes.

Continue your good work. Do write on Standard Cars.



Thank you sir,

You obviously are an enthusiast for the Standard Companion  and I am pleased it has given you good service for 45 years. There are so many that are not cared for in India so it is good to see one still performing well in your Country. Please keep it going, you have no need for a Renault Kangoo!

Kind regards,

Phil Homer