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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Report from a Norwegian member

A Standard 10 at the Arctic Circle

Malcolm Pentelow's standard Ten at the Arctic Visitors Centre in Norway

Report from the owner of the worlds northernmost Standard?            Jan 6th 2007

Hi Phil,

I thought that I would send you some more pictures. Its all snail mail and non-digital, sorry, (Thats OK, I just love typing all this out!!) all my money goes to downpayments on the mortgage, the pipe organ and, oh yes - the Standard 10.

We still run a Peugeot basic 205 which although tatty refuses to die  and the Merc 240 D 1983. Both were playing up at Easter so we really had reason to use "Enid". Winter tyres bought in the previous autumn had not been used so were hastily put on ( we all have 2 sets of wheels 0 and she made some successful runs to work about 10 miles away. Having to use her for shopping meant that plenty of bored blokes appeared from no-where with the usual questions of what model/make is it? - Austin Standard etc. When one mentions the Vanguard some of the oldtimers certainly drove them 

The Fergy, as in the pictures was in widespread use. usually grey and known as the Gratass. Maybe best translated as the "Grey Laddie".

Having to await funds for new summer tyres, we missed the first of May veteran Meeting in town. Lots of Americana. Summer tyres have to be on by May 1st so if it snows again a quick changeback is necessary, or you use the bus.

Recent work on the car includes brake overhaul, renewing cylinders and master cylinders. Rich running has meant blowing through various holes and I now eventually know what flaots, jets and fuel filters look like - oh, and dynamo replacing.

We drove Enid to the Artic Circle visitors centre, about 1 1/2 hours north. It lies on the main road between Mo i Rana and Fauske at about 1700 ft. The car ran very well but spluttered to a halt in a friends drive half way back and we drained the tank and blew muck out of orifices.

Uneventful running ensued, but the rich running has returned.

I enclose photos for possible use if they scan alright. All pictures with the red Fergy are on home ground ( or nearby) with neighbour Oddvar. 31/7 was the date of the Artic run with only a hint of the winters snow remains; other pictures late August. Hope they are useful and at least interesting. 

Best wishes to Lynda and with continuous appreciation of the club's work.

Malcolm Pentelow

Its July, so is the snow behind the last from the previous winter or the first for this year?

I think this is a Standard-built Massey Ferguson MF35 model of about 1959 vintage - webmaster

Thanks Malcolm,

Looking at the map, you appear to be around lattitude 65 deg. (the artic circle is approx 66.5 deg). I therefore suspect that you are furthest north member - Larry and Margaret Bennett in Anchorage Alaska are at a mere 61.17 deg. - Unless, dear reader, you know someone further north?