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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Standards in use in India

More Standards in everyday use in India (and some that aren't!)

Hi Phil...

Here's some more Standards running around in India...

APX 3333 was spotted by my friend Shyam Krishnamachary who wrote in about the Flying standards and Vanguard a while back. It seems fairly original (by Indian standards!), and in regular use. These cars are becoming extremely rare here in India.

GDL 4176 was spotted by me in Goa a couple of years back. Notice both cars have their fuel filler lids modified. Thats because apart from availability of the caps, petrol theft is quite common here!

MYB 923 was up for sale recently, I do not know anything more about the car.

Webmaster adds - the quality of these cars goes rapidly downhill from hereon, if you are easily  offended by uncared for Standards, please don't go any further down this page!

MZE 6036 was lying as junk for ages together, is now in shambles, and I'm told was recently scrapped.

The green 8 is perhaps the only one left in the country...again, lying in that state for ages. Cannot locate the owner.

BYJ 4114 was lying in a scrap yard for over 20 years, but still surprisingly 100% complete. Aparently was a mint car when parked there. Was destroyed last year in a shoot for the film Khakee, and burnt in the process. See the pics after that! What a pity! Did salvage a few spares though. Attached are 2 clips of the car in action in the movie. (I have spared you these- Webmaster)

Hope these can be of some use to you.

More to come.



Karl, thanks for these and the horror stories. I have saved our readers from the worst of them! There will be others in the "Vanguards" and "Commercial" sections of the site soon. Anyone wishing to the SOS Scheme, "Save one Standard" should contact Karl through my email address

Kind regards,

Phil Homer