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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Standards in regular use in India

Standard Pennant and 10 in everyday use in India

Karl keeps his Pennant in immaculate condition!

Dear Phil,

How are you doing? I am Karl Bhote from Pune, India, (about 150kms from Bombay) and have been following your great site right from the start. I am fortunate to own a 1960 Standard Pennant that used to belong to my aunt right from new. The car has covered 135,000 miles to date, with no problems whatsoever. IT IS AN UNRESTORED CAR. I have been using her daily for the last 3 years, and its been a joy to use. Attached are pics of the car (BYH 5123 is the original registration for what was then called the Bombay Presidency). The car even has the original upholstery, with thicker cushioned covers fitted over it when new itself. The only things missing on the car were the original front sidelights, and interior light. I have since fitted the sidelights, still hunting for an interior light lens. I have fitted later herald hubcaps, that is the only change.

These are Karl's shots of his Pennant,

The car still has the original manuals, keys, tools, the works! Note the period accessory sunvisor. Every single reciept is preserved right from day one. In fact, the Standard Motors dealer here in Pune, Joshi Garage, still has his shop in the same premises (the building came down last year and was replaced), though he now sells cycles! The gentleman, Mr. A Joshi, is extremely well versed with standard cars, and knows every part number by heart! He had a large stock of spares for the 8, 10 , pennant, which i have since purchased.

Interestingly, in India, the pennant was still badged the 10, with the same bonnet and boot badges. I am attaching pictures of the earlier 10 as well, also a nice one owner unrestored car, owned by Dr. Rao, albeit needing minor attention.

Here are Karl's shots of Dr. Rao's Standard 10. You can click on any of the thumbprints to see a larger version

Much more to follow on Indian cars. Keep up the good work!



Karl Bhote.

Karl, its good to see these cars giving good service in India. I will feature more of the photos that you have sent me shortly.

Kind regards,

Phil Homer